Psychology Department
[:en]Nisrine K. Aboul-Hosn (Psy.D)[:][:ar]د. نسرين أبو الحسن (دكتورة في علم النفس العيادي)[:]

Dr. Nisrine K. Aboul-Hosn

Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Director
Training Consultant

Dr. Nisrine K. Aboul-Hosn is a clinical psychologist, educated and trained in the United States of America. She earned her Bachelor degree in Psychology, with a minor in International Studies from the University of South Florida (USF). Dr. Aboul-Hosn received her Master and Doctoral degree from the Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.

She worked in various mental health settings while in the USA, where she provided psychological services to multicultural clients of various age ranges. More specially, Dr. Aboul-Hosn received training in inpatient and outpatient units, college counseling centers, school settings, and community mental health centers.

Her internship and post doctoral work wasat the Center for Multicultural Human Services (CMHS) in Falls Church, Virginia. During that time she was a service provider under the federally funded Program for Survivors of Torture and Tracking (PSTT), as well as the state funded Leadership, Education, Achievement, and Diversity (LEAD) program for adolescents.

During her work under the PSTT program, Dr. Aboul-Hosn mainly provided psychological and assessment services to displaced and asylum seeking immigrant clients who suered from PTSD, depression, and cultural adjustment difficulties, as a result of politically motivated torture. This involved coordination with legal, case management and community providers. As for her work in the LEAD program, Dr. Aboul-Hosn worked with adolescents who were at risk for behavioral and legal problems. While at CMHS, she also provided training and supervision to externs, early career mental health professionals, as well as community trainings.

In 2007, Dr. Aboul-Hosn relocated to Kuwait and since then, she has been in private practice conducting therapy and assessments for individuals and families. She works with children, adolescents, and adults from varying cultural backgrounds who experience emotional and behavioral difficulties, by providing individual, couples, and family psychotherapy. She also specializes in psychological and educational assessments to identify personality, behavioral and/ or intellectual difficulties that impact functioning.

Dr. Aboul-Hosn also has multiple publications in international journals and has presented at various regional and international conferences to shed light on mental health issues in the Arab world. She is also a former adjunct faculty member and a current invited speaker at the American University of Kuwait (AUK).

Additionally, Dr. Aboul-Hosn is a co-active trained coach from the Coaching Training Institute (CTI). This coupled with her background in psychotherapy and assessments allots her the opportunity to engage in corporate trainings for various institutions and organizations in an effort to promote healthy environments for individuals and groups.

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